Community Patrols
of New Zealand

Community Patrols
of New Zealand

About Us

Our Story

​​Founded in 2002, Community Patrols of New Zealand (CPNZ) is a nationwide organisation backed by funding from the New Zealand Police and Government. Our headquarters, situated at the Police National Headquarters in the National Prevention Centre, oversees the support and coordination of around 4,000 volunteers spread across 150 affiliated Community Patrols throughout New Zealand.

Our Vision

Empowering communities for a secure tomorrow, our vision is a New Zealand where everyone feels safe. In partnership with others, we prevent crime and reduce harm through the active presence of trained patrollers.

Our Approach to Community Safety

Community-Powered Safety:

Operated by local communities, our patrols secure their annual operating expenses through a mix of local grants, sponsorships, and donations. Each patrol is tailored to the unique needs of its community, strategically patrolling where and when it best supports both local Police and the community.

Proactive Crime Prevention:

In collaboration with various partners, we actively prevent crime and minimise harm through the dedicated presence of trained patrollers. CPNZ’s vision is a New Zealand where everyone feels safe, and our volunteers act as additional “eyes and ears” for the Police. Through intelligence gathering and keen observation, we assist law enforcement and other agencies in building safer communities.

Independent Yet Collaborative:

While independent from the Police, Community Patrols maintain a symbiotic relationship by receiving regular guidance, training, and tasking. This dynamic ensures a cohesive effort towards our shared vision of a safer New Zealand.


Our Priorities

NZ Trade Mark No: 825845
Refs: 32834/6
Registered in classes 41 & 45

Postal Address

Community Patrols of New Zealand
NZ Police National Headquarters
180 Molesworth St
Post Box 3017


National Office: Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm

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