Community Patrols
of New Zealand

Community Patrols
of New Zealand

CPNZ Pathway to Police Programme (P2P)

Comprehensive Training

Training to meet police requirements: PAT, PCT, psychometric testing, water confidence, and skill development.

Supportive Community

Actively participate in crime prevention alongside the Police, undergoing training while enhancing community safety.

Career Preparation

Sharpen your skills, engage communities, boost intelligence

Your Path to a Rewarding Career in the New Zealand Police


Are you ready for a career that makes a difference? The CPNZ Pathway to Police Programme, in partnership with the New Zealand Police, provides you with the opportunity to begin your journey towards becoming a frontline police officer. This programme is designed to break down barriers and make police recruitment more accessible and inclusive.

What CPNZ Does:

CPNZ actively engages in crime prevention initiatives alongside the Police. As a participant in the Pathway to Police Programme, you will become a patroller, regularly patrolling communities to contribute to building safer and more connected neighbourhoods. This dual role allows you to undergo comprehensive training while actively participating in police operations, fostering a hands-on experience in law enforcement.

From inclusive recruitment to comprehensive training, the CPNZ Pathway to Police Programme is devoted to offering unwavering support at every step of your journey.

What to Expect:

  • New Zealand’s largest public safety campaign!
  • Inclusive Recruitment: We welcome everyone, regardless of gender, ethnicity, culture, sexuality, or faith. The programme is all about creating opportunities within the New Zealand Police for people from varied backgrounds who reflect the communities they serve.
  • Comprehensive Training: Tailored to align with police recruitment requirements, our training covers essential skills such as Police Physical Appraisal Test (PAT) and Physical Competency Test (PCT), psychometric testing, water-related confidence, and additional skill development.
  • Literacy Support: If you need assistance with literacy assessments at NCEA level 3, we’ve got dedicated support to ensure you succeed.
  • Alternative Career Guidance: We’re here for you, even if police recruitment doesn’t pan out. Our programme offers advice and support for alternative career pathways.

Why Take Part?

  • Be a Changemaker: Join a program that champions inclusivity, actively seeking individuals from diverse backgrounds to shape the future of law enforcement. Your unique perspective and experiences are catalysts for positive change
  • Supportive Community: As a patroller with CPNZ, you’ll actively engage in crime prevention initiatives alongside the Police. This dual role allows you to undergo training while contributing to building safer and more connected communities.
  • Career Preparation: The programme not only prepares you for police recruitment but also hones essential skills, fosters community engagement, and sharpens your ability to gather intelligence – all highly valued in law enforcement.

Learn More

Learn about life as an NZ Police officer, possible police careers, and the police recruitment process.


  • Desire to Serve: If you have a strong desire to serve your community and make it safer, you’re exactly who we’re looking for.
  • Commitment: Dedicate yourself to the training process and actively participate in crime prevention initiatives.
  • Open Mind: Embrace inclusivity and diversity. We value your unique perspective and background.

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Our Supporters

Thank you to our dedicated supporters who empower us to break down barriers and make police recruitment more accessible and inclusive.

Boxing Alley is a proud supporter of CPNZ and its commitment to training future police through the Pathway to Police Programme (P2P). Boxing Alley prepares you for a career as a frontline police officer by teaching you the best boxing techniques, getting you healthy, and providing a supportive community.

Underground Boxing shares CPNZ’s commitment to breaking the barriers to make police recruitment more accessible. Underground Boxing has created a family-oriented community at their Durham Lane, Auckland gym that promotes physical health, fitness, and mental well-being for their members, while also actively supporting community patrols in doing the same for future frontline police.

The Ministry for Ethnic Communities is the primary government advisor on ethnic diversity and inclusion in New Zealand. Offering information, advice, and services to ethnic communities, along with funding support for community development and social cohesion.

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