Community Patrols
of New Zealand

Community Patrols
of New Zealand

CPNZ Partners

Community Patrols of New Zealand and New Zealand Police have an official partnership as governed by a signed Memorandum of Understanding. This partnership supports Patrols through the allocation of local Police Liaison Officers and an avenue for local intelligence which assists Patrols in their duties. CPNZ supports NZ Police through acting as a second set of ‘eyes or ears’ through observing and gathering intelligence.

The primary function of the National Emergency Management Agency is to support and enable communities to manage emergencies. The National Emergency Management Agency works with the diverse range of agencies that comprise the emergency management sector, each with different responsibilities and focus, and varying levels of resources and capability. Organisations involved include communities and their local authorities. CPNZ coordinates with NEMA NZ nationally to gain an understanding of how Patrollers could be utilised in an emergency. Most Patrols continue this coordination at a more detailed level to ensure their Patrollers know how to respond to an emergency to assist their local Civil Defence Emergency Management group.

Community Patrols of New Zealand and Neighbourhood Support New Zealand have been partners in building safer communities for many years. Many Patrols have local connections with Neighbourhood support groups as they assist each other in fundraising, looking at local initiatives and providing intelligence to one another.

CPNZ is proud to work in collaboration with Māori Wardens.  For 150+ years, Māori Wardens have aided communities, fostering strong ties with whānau, Māori groups, and government agencies. With legal duties under the Māori Community Development Act 1962, around 700-800 volunteers work to support without being law enforcement.

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