Tips and Tricks on Keeping Yourself and Your Family Safe

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Tips and Tricks on Keeping Yourself and Your Family Safe

Protecting Your Home

  • Always lock your doors and windows
  • Lock your front door, even if you are home or in the garden
  • Keep all tools and ladders locked away
  • If possible keep your garden shed and garage locked even when you are at home
  • If you have sensor lights, use them.  They are a great deterrent when used correctly if someone moves nearby
  • Keep all the trees and shrubs on your property maintained as they create a perfect hiding spot for burglars
  • Ensure all your windows are secured
  • Make sure you home looks occupied when you go away
  • Do not leave notes on your door advising you are out
  • If you have a house alarm, use it.  it won’t stop burglars from breaking in but the siren should deter them.  It will also alert your neighbours that something is happening on your property
  • Record the serial numbers of expensive electronic items and photograph all valuables
  • Note down registrations of any suspicious vehicles.  Often burglars will scope out a place beforehand

Before You go Out Check That

  • All your doors are locked and your windows are securely shut
  • The garage is secure and locked
  • All tools and ladders are locked away
  • The “spare” house key is not in an obvious “hidden” place.  Maybe give to a trusted neighbour
  • The doors are clear and don’t have any notes left on them

Before You go Away Check That

  • If possible, put your mail and newspaper on hold
  • Let your neighbour, know when and where you are going and give them a contact number
  • Lock all the doors and close all the windows
  • Turn the telephone ringer down or off (if possible)
  • Put a lamp and or a radio on timer
  • Ask your neighbour to keep an “eye” on your home, clear your letter box and your close your curtains at night and then open them again in the morning
  • Hide valuable items, financial documents and any spare keys to the house or vehicles etc
  • Also, ask your neighbour to park in your driveway occasionally