Minutes of AGM held on Sunday 26th June 2022 At 11.30am

At The Elms Hotel Papanui Road Christchurch


Welcome –  Chris Lawton Trust Chair welcomed and thanked patrollers and Police that came in person to the AGM today and also to the patrollers that joined on line.


Minutes of the AGM Held on 5th August 2021

Moved Burwood Pegasus Seconded Christchurch South Patrol that these were a true and correct record of the AGM 2021.



Chairman’s Report

Moved Chris Lawton Seconded Palmerston North that the Trust Chair Report be accepted.



Receipt of 2020/2021 Audited Financial Statements

Robert Fowler QSO presented the financial statements.


Rodney Patrol asked a question of $27,000 of assets that are not in the financial report this year.  The Auditors agreed that these are not actually assets as the items are given away each year, ie pamphlets etc…


Setting of Affiliation Fees 

Moved Chris Lawton   Seconded City Parks Patrol that these be set at zero for the next year.



Received Remits/Voting  – Nil


Meeting Closed at 12.15pm