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Migrant News recently highlighted CPNZ’s unwavering dedication and collaborative efforts to enhance community safety in Auckland. Here’s a summary of the article:

Community Patrols of New Zealand (CPNZ) is actively seeking volunteers to support their mission amidst rising crime rates. Established in 2002, CPNZ boasts over 4,000 volunteers across 150 affiliated patrols nationwide. Volunteers like Dr. Prasanth Pavithran, a dedicated medical professional, exemplify CPNZ’s commitment by participating in night patrols and gathering valuable intelligence to uncover sensitive activities. Their tireless efforts contribute significantly to the core values of CPNZ.

Collaborating with organizations such as the police, Neighbourhood Support NZ, and the National Emergency Management Agency, CPNZ aims to prevent crime and reduce harm effectively. They offer comprehensive training programs to equip volunteers with the necessary skills and knowledge. Dr. Pavithran’s experiences of people scattering upon patrol arrival demonstrate the palpable impact of CPNZ’s initiatives.

Diversity is a priority for CPNZ, with efforts to engage individuals from various backgrounds, including the Filipino community. Prospective volunteers are encouraged to join CPNZ’s mission, contributing to Auckland’s safety and engaging in vital collaborations.

CPNZ envisions a safer New Zealand and invites new recruits to join their mission. For those interested in becoming part of the Ranui Swanson Waitakere Community Patrol, please contact 021 372 881.


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