Firstly I want to say farewell to some important members of our organisation: Cheryl,Sarah, and Holly have all left to take up jobs and establish careers in other fields of employment. I am glad that CPNZ hasbeen part of their development and that we have benefitted from their experience and dedication. It is unusual that these all come at once, however, those of you who are employers understand the vagaries of these sorts of things. In particular I want to note that Cheryl remains as the Masterton Patrol Leader and fills in the vacant District Leader role for the Wellington district.

On behalf of the Board I have kept a close eye on the office business and am very happy to say that there has been no slowdown in communications for support.

By the time you assimilate all that is contained in this briefing,Heather McMillan will have started (Monday 16th). She brings some very good skills to our organisation, having studied CPNZ as part of a criminology paper, and will work alongside Toni,Liam, and Katryn at National Office.

There are some important things being reported in the Briefing;check out the intelligence assessment currently being carried out by Police and the short article on Border Control Volunteers(both on page 02).

It is a very satisfying moment when we are recognised as part of the solution to future emergencies. By the end of the year, some selected and trained Community Patrollers will be authorised to take up roles with Police at checkpoints should they ever be required again due to emergencies such as COVID-19. The article is brief but fascinating as aspects are still developed in the inner sanctums of Police and halls of Government.