Code of Conduct


A code of conduct is a key organisational tool for supporting positive behaviour and preventing inappropriate behaviour and conduct.  Any form of inappropriate behaviour is incompatible with CPNZ.

Every member of the organisation is expected to uphold the organisation’s values of professionalism, aroha, trust, respect, openness, leadership and service.

This Code of Conduct applies to everyone in CPNZ.

Expected Behaviour and practice:

  1. As a person engaged with CPNZ;
    • I will observe all New Zealand laws.
    • I will perform my duties in a manner that avoids potential conflicts of interest with the work or reputation of CPNZ and at all times will act professionally to maintain the good name of the Community Patrol and CPNZ.
    • I will use confidential information, assets and resources to which I have access in a responsible manner and account for all money and property.
    • I will maintain an appropriate standard of language, behaviour and presentation, wearing the CPNZ uniform and personal protective clothing while on duty.
    • I will refrain from any form of bullying, harassment, discrimination, abuse, or intimidation.
    • I will not abuse my position as a CPNZ Patroller for personal gain by requesting, soliciting or accepting any payment, gift, service or favour.
    • I will not patrol under the influence of alcohol or drugs (except for prescribed drugs for health reasons) or illegal substances.
    • On completion of my service to CPNZ, returning my Identification (ID) card, all uniform items and any other property owned by CPNZ.
  1. I commit myself to;
    • Undertaking regular training as required by CPNZ and the Patrol, including completing the required CPNZ training modules by the end of my ‘probation period’.
    • When driving a vehicle during a patrol, ensure that I have an appropriate and current driver’s licence, that the vehicle used on patrol is roadworthy and has a current Warrant of Fitness, Registration and at minimum, current third-party insurance cover.
    • At no time will I put myself, any other patroller or anybody else at risk, nor will I put personal property, the Community Patrol’s property, or anybody else’s property at risk.
    • Only carrying out observing and reporting roles unless otherwise requested by Police or required as part of a patrol project.

I understand that failure to comply with the Code of Conduct or its associated rules, policies and procedures will be investigated, given full and impartial consideration, and may result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.

As a condition of acceptance as a Patroller, I agree to abide by the Community Patrols of New Zealand Code of Conduct, rules and policies and procedures.


Please click any blue Code of Conduct link to download this mandatory document.  Sign/date the document and return it to your Patrol Leader.


Note:  No ID cards shall be issued to members until all legal documents have been signed and received by CPNZ Head Office.