22nd March 2020 – Emailed to all Patrol Alias emails and District Support Team Leaders

Hi everyone,


The Government has announced the Alert system and assessed that we are at level 2. I encourage all patrols to ensure they remain updated on what is happening by checking out the appropriate Government website, watching the news and remaining in contact with the Police. It is not my intention to repeat what is being relayed to the public from these sources. 

Chairman’s Blog (Website)

On our website we have the Chairman’s Blog, a space where I can place a message that can be read by all patrollers. We will have this set up this week and further notices will be put out through that facility.

Alert Level 2

The level 2 response requires us all to take immediate action and make decisions on how and what we do.

  1. We must all consider ways we can reduce physical contact with people and this directly impacts on the work we do as patrollers. This means meeting with patrollers, police or other members of the community must only be held if essential to the work being done. 
  2. Patrollers over the age of 70 and those with medical conditions, in particular respiratory or immune related conditions must stop patrolling and prepare themselves to isolate at home. 
  3. All workplaces are required to implement plans to reduce person-to-person contact. This will include Police Stations and the way that Community Patrollers interact with Police staff. Please maintain regular contact on the Covid-19 response with your PLO or Officer in Charge of the Police Station. 

CPNZ National Staff

CPNZ national office staff are now all working from home due to the need to reduce contact and an increased Police staff required to deal with their operational response planning. We had already had staff spend some days at home inorder to prepare for the event. 

Trust Board

The Trust Board meeting planned for next week will be conducted by email and will be held over the duration of the week as we discuss matters. All national event and meetings plans have been put on hold and no travel is being undertaken by any staff or members of the Board. I am setting myself up to work from home this week.

Cessation of Patrolling

The Trust Board has not made any decision to cease patrolling. Some patrols have decided to stop patrolling at this point in time. Others have decided to continue patrolling but assess the situation every day. I applaud the decision made either way. Decisions must be made after consideration of large amount of factors, including Police requirements, patroller safety , local community transmission cases etc. One of our values is Leadership, I see this happening in the patrols, and I am sure that there is much discussion amongst your own patrol, even as we speak. Patrols that have made the decision to cease patrolling have advised their PLOs and have also stated that they will be available to assist Police should the request be made. Another example of great leadership.

Patrolling in pairs

Patrols must only patrol two-up. There is no situation yet to be considered for general patrolling where it would be appropriate to change this rule. If a patrol is unable to roster two patrollers then the patrol must be cancelled.


One of our most important values is Aroha. There are a lot of scared and frightened people around the country trying to cope with the situation. These include families, friends and fellow patrollers. Our Police colleagues are dealing with their own staff shortages as well as their own families. I see people lined up to buy excess products from supermarkets and I see the derogatory comments being made on social media about them. Yes they are hoarding, but they are all scared and responding in the only way they know. Aroha to them all.

Social isolation doesn’t mean we ignore each other, in fact, it’s a good time to be more social, at least by getting on the phone (I just received a call from my daughter asking if I am okay). Patrols should set up systems to contact patrollers through this time. Those not on email can have news or photocopies dropped off etc. 

The community will look to leaders in this time. Community Patroller are a group of inspired people that have put themselves out there for the safety of everyone. This remains our challenge now, continue to lead by showing calmness, resoluteness and fortitude to all those in your family and social circle, whether patrolling or not. As always my phone is on and all calls welcome.

Take care.