The Police Operational team has asked that CPNZ not patrol during the level 3. Decisions by the Government and Police have had to be fluid by nature of the current emergency, and the recent decision to allow restricted patrolling during level 3 has been reversed and I once again require all patrolling to continue to stand down from patrolling. Last week Police advised all PLOs that patrolling would resume. They will also now be advised of the recent decision. The message we received yesterday from Police reads:

Further to our conversation this afternoon, this email is to confirm in writing what was discussed.  NZ Police have decided that CPNZ are not to recommence patrolling at level 3. While the risk mitigation measures that have been established are good and go some way to reducing or minimising the likelihood of transmission of COVID 19 to CP members it is critically important that NZP PCBU responsibilities are understood as they relate to duty of care, in this instance being our duty of care for NZCP volunteers, and in particular, how that translates in respect of Government definitions under Alert Level 3. Alert Level 3 states the virus is not contained and there is risk of community transmission. While your health and safety document goes some way to ensuring the risk to CPNZ members from COVID-19 while carrying out patrols for Police is relatively low, the risk to CPNZ volunteers from COVID-19 could be eliminated by requesting CPNZ members not to patrol under Alert Level 3.  It is our recommendation that CPNZ do not commence patrols under AL3, but that the attached document could be used for risk mitigation under Alert Level 2. This decision has not been made lightly and has been considered by our National Manager Safer People Superintendent Mel Aitken and Assistant Commissioner Scott Fraser. CPNZ are a very valuable partner to NZ Police and as such we must take all steps to eliminate any risk.
I know that many of you are very keen to return to patrolling, but I also know that some patrols have made their own decision to remain in stand down until level 2. CPNZ will now redraft plans for patrolling at level 2. 
All the best