To all Patrollers,
I hope you are all well and cabin fever is not taking over any aspects of your journey through this emergency. Many of you will have worked extremely hard to keep your businesses afloat, as I have, and all of you will have focussed on family wellbeing and friendship calls.
Everyone will be aware of the Prime Minister’s announcement that it is likely, but not yet final, that at the end of next week the country will move to alert level 3 with a model of safe service delivery and away from essential service delivery only. In all likelihood this will mean that some patrolling – with defined parameters, restrictions and requirements may be possible.
As we consider what life is like at alert level 3, it is important to refer to the ongoing commentary from Government and health officials. Level 3 is a ‘restricted’ level where we remain at-risk’. We will continue to stay at home and remain in our bubbles as we wait and see if the efforts we have made over the past 4 weeks continue to reduce the risk of community transmission. So we have a lot of work to do yet and it is important that we do our part.
While we wait for the definitive decisions to be made next Monday the Board has been considering what patrolling or activities can be done to support the Police and our communities. Our National Manager is in constant contact with Police and is also considering what restricted patrolling might look like. We receive daily briefings from Police on many aspects of their operational activity, and can assure you all that they look forward to the day when Patrols are back out in the communities.
Therefore at the moment I wish to advise that we are working with Police at National Headquarters and considering what patrolling could be considered at level 3. Further information will be provided next week, after Monday’s announcements.
All the best