Patroller Profiles is a new series aimed at shining a light on the fascinating and fantastic lives that CPNZ Patrollers lead outside of their volunteer work. 

“Born and raised in Auckland, I entered nursing at the tender age of 17. With a flair for the dramatic, I found myself gravitating towards emergency and trauma nursing, with a 5-year stint as a volunteer ambulance officer satisfying my need for action. However, throughout my nearly 40 years of nursing, it was always the teaching that I loved most. 

There is nothing better than seeing the light go on and watching someone’s confidence growing as they learn and achieve. As Nursing matured and qualifications became university-based, I completed a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing which fired my personal passion for academic study. I have since gone on to complete a Post-Graduate Diploma in Advanced Nursing as well as a Master of Nursing where I focussed on clinical teaching and its impact on the nursing workforce. 

In 2008 I met my current business partner Chris Lawton, and together we went on to create C4 Group Ltd – an NZQA training provider that leads the country in security and emergency management training. We both have the same philosophy of developing resilience in our communities through education and training. My commitment to developing community resilience has also seen me complete a Post-Graduate Diploma in Emergency Management where I have focussed on vulnerable communities and I hope to go on and complete my Masters in 2022. 

Through Chris, I have been associated with CPNZ for the past 13 years and when I moved to Tauranga in 2019, it seemed natural for me to join a patrol, not only as a way of meeting people but to support the CPNZ initiative which sees CPNZ members looking after their communities. I had been delivering First Aid training to Tauranga South for over 5 years and loved their passion, commitment, organisation, and involvement as well as the fact that they have one fantastic PLO in Leanne Fairburn.

I have recently moved onto the committee and have taken up the role of Health and Safety Officer as well as supporting training. It has been awesome to watch from the sidelines as CPNZ has strengthened its partnership with Police and increased its professionalism in its pursuit of keeping communities safe. I am proud to be a member of CPNZ and look forward to many years of patrolling and contributing to my community.”