To all Patrollers,

Community Patrols of New Zealand can recommence patrolling activities when New Zealand moves to AL3 next Tuesday. Throughout AL4 we have maintained constant communication with the National Prevention Centre: NZ Police, assessing the risk and the need to have Patrols out in the community. To prepare for AL3 we all agree that it is time to get the national fleet back out there again. However, it comes with a number of restrictions, as we would all respect. We must keep each other safe and also consider our partners, the Police, and the public.
The decision to patrol is purely voluntary for everyone. If you do not need or want to patrol then stay home, stay safe. We value all our members but we also recognise some of us are more vulnerable than others. Therefore, we protect each other by assessing the risk versus our need to respond.
Patrol leaders, along with Patrollers, must now plan and prepare to get back on the road. Take your time and get it right – failing to plan is planning to fail. Who said it I don’t know, but it is a fine proverb to consider at this time. Another wise man today said ‘do everything you can, and more’, I like it.
Our office has worked with Police to prepare a list of requirements that must be adhered to. If you have questions, they will be answered by calling the CPNZ national office from Tuesday morning onwards. We will also send this information out to all PLOs and district Police. Please ensure you contact your PLO and work close with them during this time. It is very important to understand their protective security arrangements against Covid-19. Also remember that it is not certain that the country will move to AL2 in two weeks, we won’t take anything for granted. Some countries have reverted to a higher level, as you all know from the news.
All members of the CPNZ Board wish to thank you all for your efforts during the lockdown. It wasn’t easy to sit around, but that was the response asked of you by your Country in this emergency, and you answered.
I wish you a happy and respectful ANZAC weekend and remember, myself and the Board and staff will all be there.
All the very best as you get underway.