In the midst of societal challenges and our continued commitment to community well-being, the inaugural Community Patrols of New Zealand Ethnic Safety Forum held last year shone a beacon of collaboration and shared commitment. This gathering reflected our combined effort to make our communities safer and more unified.

In October 2023, the CPNZ hosted this significant event, providing a platform for open dialogue, collaboration, and the exchange of invaluable insights. The forum brought together stakeholders from diverse backgrounds, including law enforcement agencies, community members, and leaders, to collectively address the distinctive safety concerns impacting ethnic communities across the Auckland region.

The safety and well-being of all ethnic communities are crucial pillars of a holistic approach to fostering safe, vibrant and inclusive communities for all.

Chris Lawton

Chairman, CPNZ Trust Board

 Unveiling the Stories and Strategies:

The forum featured enlightening presentations by senior Auckland Police leaders, representatives from the Ministry of Ethnic Communities, CPNZ, and Crime Prevention Leadership. Attendees gained valuable insights into practical strategies to enhance the safety and security of ethnic businesses, places of worship, and cultural events.

Businesses targeted by crime, religious institutions, and multicultural event organisers shared their stories, offering a window into the challenges they face. This open dialogue paved the way for the development of practical solutions, fostering a sense of shared responsibility for community safety.

The Strength of Collaboration:

The forum exemplified the power of collaboration, emphasising the importance of an integrated approach to community safety. The strong relationship between CPNZ and key stakeholders, including the Police, Auckland Council, and various community organisations, laid a solid foundation for effective leadership in this critical area.

Positive Impact and Continued Collaboration:

Reflecting on the forum, there is a sense of optimism regarding its positive impact on our communities. The engagement and collaboration during the event have laid the groundwork for actionable solutions. As we look back, it’s clear that the Inaugural CPNZ Ethnic Safety Forum has set the stage for continued collaboration, ensuring the safety and security of our diverse communities remains a shared priority.


Today forum served as an excellent platform for open dialogue, collaboration, and the sharing of invaluable insights. It was a commendable effort to bring together various stakeholders, including law enforcement agencies and community members, to address the unique safety concerns affecting ethnic communities.
I am confident that the positive impact of this forum will resonate throughout our community, leading to actionable solutions and continued collaboration.
Naveed Hamid

President, Pakistan Association of New Zealand (PANZ)

What’s Next?

Looking back at the forum, there’s a strong sense of optimism. The discussions and collaboration have turned into real solutions, making our first Safety Forum a clear success.

The second CPNZ Ethnic Safety Forum will be held in Wellington in early 2024. This is our chance to keep the positive energy going – sharing, supporting, and making our neighbourhoods safer together. Keep an eye out for updates as we continue working towards safer and more connected communities in New Zealand.

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