Hello all,

Given that government COVID requirements now no longer include mandatory physical distancing on public transport, it has been agreed that we can now lift the restriction on 3rd persons in Patrol vehicles. 
Please note that as Auckland remains at alert level 2.5 and is considered at a higher risk, Patrols within the Auckland City Council region are not included in this lifting of restrictions. Auckland Patrols must continue to not allow a third person in the Patrol vehicle until advised otherwise. 
All Patrols outside of Auckland City Council region can now resume training of new Patrollers, provided that the following guidelines are followed:
  • If you are unwell or have been in close contact with someone exhibiting cold or flu symptoms within the last 14 days, you must not patrol under any circumstances
  • Where there are more than 2 people in the patrol vehicle at the same time – All Patrollers should wear a mask or face covering whilst in the Patrol Vehicle (Exemptions – any person who has a medical condition that prevents them from wearing a mask or face covering safely or comfortably — this includes people with asthma or a disability.)
  • Patrol vehicle windows should be slightly open during the entire Patrol shift
  • Patrol Vehicle air conditioner system should not be on recycled air
  • Patrollers should stay within their bubble when patrolling as much as practical eg Patrollers from the same household or the same persons rostered together is encouraged
  • Good hand hygiene is required
  • The Patrol vehicle must be wiped down using antibacterial products at the start and end of each Patrolling shift
  • Patrol rosters must be correct and updated whenever a change occurs. These records must be kept by the Patrol and include the contact details of any ride alongs/trainees
  • All Patrollers have the right to take leave from all or some Patrolling activities if they do not feel comfortable or safe partaking

Thank you for your care in following these requirements. The National Office is available during normal business hours to answer any questions you may have.