As you will be well aware, as of midday today, Auckland will move into COVID Alert Level 3 and the rest of New Zealand will move to Alert Level 2.
We must coordinate our response with the Police and recognise the existing and evolving situation, which includes legislation, advice from the Ministry of Health, recommendations from the Government and, importantly, working with Police at all levels. Please recognise that your local situation is paramount. Police, nationally continue to manage the national operational response to the COVID-19 situation so please be aware that plans are developing and may change.
Those Patrols which operate in regions moving into Alert Level 2 – please follow the attached document. If the requirements in this document cannot be met, the Patrol must stand down. The Government encourages everyone to wear masks in situations where physical distancing is not possible, therefore, masks while Patrolling is not mandatory but strongly encouraged. Download Patrolling at Alert Level 2 Requirements
At this stage, all Community Patrols that operate within the Auckland City Council region must stand down from all Patrolling activities immediately. Please respect this current decision and support our partners by ceasing all patrolling activity. If at a local level you are being requested to undertake patrolling, please ensure you reiterate this direction. These Government imposed measures are to be taken very seriously in order to protect the most vulnerable in our communities and keep our health sector and Police free to do their jobs.
We will update all as further details are released by the government.
Thank you, stay safe and be kind.
Kind Regards,
Chris Lawton, CPNZ Trust Board Chairperson