To all patrols,
As the country moves to COVID-19 alert level two, patrols will recommence all patrol activities. In doing so, we must coordinate our response with the Police and recognise the existing and evolving situation, which includes legislation, advice from the Ministry of Health, recommendations from the government and, importantly, working with Police at all levels. Police are in the process of developing plans for access control and recording visitors (including CPNZ Patrollers) at Police stations, so please recognise that your local situation is paramount. Police, nationally continue to manage the national operational response to the COVID-19 situation so please be aware that plans are developing and may change from time to time.
The operational team, in conjunction with the Trust Board, has developed a set of guidelines and recommendations that must be complied with. These guidelines have been discussed with Police at national level, however they realise that a lot of decision making is set at local levels, hence it is important that you recommence patrols only when your patrol leadership and the local Police are in agreement of plans at a local level.
If you have any concerns or queries, it is imperative that you contact the national office who are ready to assist you.
While we are all keen to get out and be on patrol, there is still a nationwide emergency, I urge you to remember this and plan accordingly. This includes what to do should we revert to level 3 again; this is the nature of emergency planning. The work you have done in locking down has contributed to the success of the nationwide response to the emergency. Well done to you all and good luck for the future.
Kind regards,