NZ Police have been operating their Aggravated Robbery Initiative since 2017, which helps small businesses being targeted by burglars. Last year, Waikato Community Patrols were asked if they could assist Police with identifying small businesses at risk of robbery who fit the Police’s criteria, and carrying on a survey with the business owner. This helped Police identify which businesses would be eligible to be fitted with their new fog cannons.

Because of the Patrol’s local knowledge of the area and the relationships they’ve built in their communities through Patrolling, they were seen as the perfect candidates for this task. They were specifically asked for by the Police National Headquarters Project team, as they recognised the value Patrollers have in their communities along with the trust and confidence those within our communities have in Patrollers.

This shows another way Patrols are helping to keep our communities safe, prevent crime, and reduce harm, especially when we work with our partners in the Police.