It was a pleasure to hear Patrollers back out looking after their communities again around the country. COVID, once again, has slowed us down, but not diminished our resolve to keep communities safe. Those of us in Auckland are just biding our time until we are out there once more.

Well done to the Patrols that are assisting other community groups to deliver food, checking on the vulnerable, and carrying out other important community functions. While it was important for us all to lock down and stay safe, there have been times when Patrollers have done what is needed.

It was disturbing to hear there was another attack on members of the public again, this time in Auckland. I have already heard from some Patrols supporting Police with reassurance Patrols around the various supermarkets around the country. This attack falls shortly after a similar attack in Dunedin in May this year. Attacks can be criminal or terrorist based, but the effects are just as bad.

Late last year the Police launched some online guidance for those responsible for protecting people in crowded places from attack. These resources inform those planning against these forms of attack and inform the public how to respond.

So, what can we do to support this Police initiative? A website is under development that provides free training in this area for Patrollers and other community-based security or safety groups, advising what they should do when coming across violent situations, including terrorism. I will send a link to the site to all Patrol Leaders to forward to all Patrollers. It is important that we assist the Police in this by making ourselves aware. Sadly, like COVID, attacks on the public are with us and here to stay.

Keep safe out there,

Chris Lawton – CPNZ Trust Board Chairman.